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What is an online learning experience on Etomon?

Instructors at Etomon go beyond the average educator. They are passionate about the material they teach and offer a special online learning experiences that students can only find from Etomon’s instructors. All the courses are solely designed by passionate instructors who provide distinctive teaching services that are tailored to each student. It is an opportunity for anyone with unique skills and knowledge to share with others.

Share your passion about teaching.

Guide your students through courses step by step, instilling your passion for the subject into them. We offer you different resources to help you instill that passion, with no initial cost to you.

Get different perspectives from your online learning experience.

Etomon provides you the opportunity to teach students from around the country. Sometimes, however, you will find that the student provides you with a different perspective or can even share a new field with you.

Set your own terms.

Create a schedule that works best for you by choosing how much time you'd like allocated to instruction.


How to get Started


Learn about our expectations

Find out what makes your online instruction experience unique and learn what conduct Etomon expects from you.


Create your profile

Submit your professional experience, knowledge, skills, and related details to be reviewed by Etomon. Make your profile stand out, introduce yourself to students and give them a good first impression.


Craft your online instruction experience

Add rich media, such as photos, ebooks, and presentations to your lesson description. Here is where you will display your high standards in instruction and determination to create the perfect learning experience.


Submit for review

A member of our team will promptly review your submission. If it meets our standards for high quality material, you course will be added to our website, and students can find your lessons on our platform, and start scheduling appointments.

Hi There,

We’re so excited to show you the learning experiences you can create on Etomon!

Instructing on Etomon goes beyond the average education. It is an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with others around the world. To understand exactly what we look for in an Instructor, it is important you read our Standards before starting your application.

In this walkthrough, we’ll break down the steps to becoming an Instructor and the tools you’ll use to be a successful one.

Here is an overview of the process

1Learn about Etomon’s expectations

Find out what makes your online course experience different and see what Etomon expects of you.

2Create your profile

Add your professional experience, knowledge, skills, and other required details to be reviewed by Etomon.

3Create your own online course

By adding photos, videos, lesson descriptions and other details to be reviewed by Etomon.

4Submit for review

A member of our team will review your submissions and as long as it meets or quality standards you will be added to our website and can begin teaching.

What Etomon is looking for

Is a live course experience

It is led by an expert and passionate instructor.

Students learn by participating, practicing, and are immersed in class activities.

It gives students access to special knowledge with diverse perspectives from different communities and regions around the world.

It tells the story of an insturctor's unique perspective of pursuing knowledge and wisdom, or life in general.

What we are NOT looking for

The following don't qualify as an Etomon, live course experience

Impersonal instructor, indifference in learning outcome

A lesson with no clear goal and engagement.

A subject with no clear guildline.

Some course experience students could easily find on their own.


Now it is time to create

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