Pricing your Courses
when you're New to Etomon
Pricing Strategy for Courses
Setting the right price for your course may not be easy at the beginning. We believe that if we understand what our long term goal is, we can create a strategy at the beginning that offers a low price. Once your number of student’s increase, you will be able to raise your prices. As time goes by, you can raise your prices in correlation with the increase in students.
Specify Your Target Audience
Determine who the ideal students are for each of your courses. This way, you can target the right students. Understand the characteristics of your audience and their goals, so you design a better course and set a fair price.
Level Your Prices
As your number of reviews increase you can increase the price as well. As a suggestion, you should follow this guideline:
Level 1: $25 a lesson
Increase this price after 15 reviews
Level 2: $40 a lesson
Increase this price after 30 reviews
Level 3: $60 a lesson
Increase this price after 50 reviews
You can always ask your students what they think about your class based on the environment, knowledge gained, and the value of their experience. If they enjoyed the class, they are more likely to give you five star reviews.
Visualize the Big Picture Others Don't See
You may have previous teaching experience and you may compare the price you charged before to the price you can charge here. However, students browsing the website are international and don’t have enough trust in you to pay a higher price. You have more opportunities to build trust if you start with lower prices. As you get more reviews, more students can trust you then you can raise prices.
The price of your course is always up to you. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the user’s perspective and you can utilize this information to increase your booking opportunities.
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