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This page was last updated on July 30, 2021
  • Getting Started with Zoom

    Here at Etomon, we strive to give our instructors and students the greatest flexibility in deciding how they facilitate instruction using our platform. One big step we've taken to accomplish that goal, is to provide our users the option ofto link their Zoom account, and to use Zoom for instruction. in place of the Etomon Classroom.

    We've gone to great lengths to make process for using Zoom with Etomon as simple and unobtrusive as possible. Below, I'll walk through the steps:

    Linking your Zoom Account

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      First you will need to purchase a course, if you are a student, or have sold a class, if you are a teacher. Either way, you'll need to navigate to the classes page by clicking the "Classes" button on the navigation bar, or clicking this link.

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      Next, you'll need to click the "Join with Zoom" button underneath the "Join with Classroom" button.

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      You'll be asked to login to Zoom if you aren't logged in already, and to give Etomon access to your profile information, and the ability to create and join meetings.

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      That's it! Next, we will create a new Zoom meeting with the same details as specified in your lesson (date and time, name of the course, etc.).

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      Zoom should open, allowing you to start the class.

    The meeting created on Zoom will have the same start and end times as the lesson on Etomon. The instructor will be made the "host" of the meeting, and the student will be a "guest." You may enter the room meeting at any time before the class is set to end.

  • Unlinking your Zoom Account

    If you'd like to unlink your Zoom account from Etomon, the process is simple as well:

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      Click the "Contact us" button on the very bottom of every page, or click this link.

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      Find "Unlink Zoom Account" in the dropdown titled "Select your option."

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      Click send.

    We will immediately remove all information about your Zoom account from our servers.

  • Uninstalling Etomon from your Zoom Account

    If you'd like to uninstall Etomon from your Zoom account, the steps are:

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      Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

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      Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Etomon app.

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      Click the Etomon app.

    4. step number Click Uninstall.
  • Zoom Support

    What do I need to know before attending a class with Zoom on Etomon?

    Zoom is a third-party cloud-based video conferencing platform, for computers and mobile devices.

    System requirements and internet connection

    Before attending class with Zoom, make sure your device meets the Zoom system requirements, which can found in the Zoom help center.

    You can test your internet connection and system requirements by joining a test meeting, before the class is scheduled to start.

    • Don't share the password-protected Zoom meeting link with anyone else.
    • Use the most up-to-date version of the Zoom app.
    • Be aware of your surroundings, including what's behind you, when you're on camera as it will be visible to your instructor, and any other participants.
    • Mute yourself until you're ready to speak.
    • Take care when using the in-app Zoom group chat feature as all participants will be able to read your correspondence.

    Where to meet your instructor

    A Zoom meeting will be automatically created for your purchased class when either party clicks the "Join with Zoom" button on the Classes page.

    Login to Zoom at least five minutes before the class is scheduled to start to make sure everything is working as expected.

    Zoom Issues

    If you experience issues any issues with Zoom, please check the Zoom Help Center for assistance.

    You can always contact Etomon Support, for assistance, but please know that are unable to resolve issues caused by the Zoom application, you must contact Zoom support.

    Privacy or safety issues while using Zoom

    You encounter any content that makes you feel unsafe during your class, please contact Etomon Support, and provide as much information as possible. Etomon will promptly investigate the issue and get back to you.

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