Technical Issues

This page was last updated on June 23, 2021 * We refer to Zoom, when we say "Etomon classroom".
  • What technology is available to use before and during class?

    You must have a webcam to use the Etomon classroom. We recommend Google Chrome or Chromium because they adhere to the latest programming standards which ensures compatibly across devices. Webcams, however, are an essential tool in the Classroom and if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to take classes with us.

  • Can I use Etomon on my phone?

    Currently, Etomon is mobile friendly. You can sign into your account, buy courses, check messages and access any other basic functions on the website. You can join the Classroom with your mobile device.At this time, we advise against using your mobile device when taking classes because certain functions in the Classroom are not fully supported on mobile devices. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for best functionality when using the Classroom.
  • How do I use the Classroom?

    How do I use the Classroom? In the Classroom, you'll be able to communicate with your Instructor using a microphone, web camera, and chat box. You can write using the text editor and pen tools, save whiteboards.

    The Classroom can only be fully utilized when a class is about to start.

  • What is the best browser to use Etomon?

    Etomon should work on all browsers without issue, except Internet Explorer. We highly recommend using either: Google Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Brave, or Chrome Mobile, as these browsers adhere to the latest web standards that ensure compatibly across devices.

    You can download the latest Google Chrome, or Chromium if you reside in a country that blacks traffic from Google, at this URL.

    We highly recommend against using Safari or Internet Explorer because the webcam connection is prone to malfunction which makes it difficult to establish a steady connection between you and your Instructor.

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