Taking Courses

This page was last updated on June 23, 2021
  • How do I search for courses?

    You can use the "Subject" box on the homepage to look for courses. Once you type in a subject, you will be presented with all matching courses that are available.

    Clicking the course will take you to the information page for the course, where you can find information about the instructor, an in depth description of the course, reviews from prior students, and course availability.

  • Can I try a course before buying it?

    Some instructors may offer a free trial of a course for students to get a feel for their teaching style. You can find this free trial option when visiting the course information page, and scrolling to lessons section.

  • How do I start my class?

    When your lesson is set to start, go to the Classes page and click the "Join Class" button, and the Classroom will open.

    If you enter the Classroom before your instructor, you will be able to utilize its functions but will be unable to see the instructor.

    Your instructor may want to conduct the class using Zoom instead of the Etomon Classroom.

    Your instructor will let you know if they would prefer this option before the class is set to start. To join the class with Zoom, click the "Join with Zoom" underneath the "Join Class" button on the Classes page.

    To join the class, click the "Join with Zoom" button on the Classes page.

    To find out more information about using Zoom with Etomon please visit the Zoom Help Page.

  • Is Etomon accredited?

    No, Etomon is not accredited. Etomon provides a platform for certified instructors to share their unique knowledge, and build personal growth within themselves and their students

    Courses taken on Etomon cannot be applied as college credit or as career-related experience

  • Who do I contact regarding issues with a class?

    If you encounter issues with your class, we recommend contacting the instructor directly first, via the in-app messaging feature of the Classes pageEtomon classroom, or the in-app messaging feature of Zoom.

    You can always reach out the Etomon team directly via the Contact Us page, and we will return your correspondence promptly.

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