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A self-starter has been living in New York for almost half decade since 2015 when I started my master degree for financial management at Pace University. In 2018, I got my first internship at a boutique investment firm on Wall Street. And I worked as a financial analyst for sell side for 6 months. After that, I took my gut and switched my career from finance to internet industry. In the middle of 2019, I made an important decision and stepped into an uncharted territory: online education startup. So, thanks for my various experiences, I have built up a solid and versatile skill set. ... More Less
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Financial Management, Master’s Degree

Pace University


QA tester

Etomon -Present

Financial Analyst

Alpha Capital Holdings, Inc. - 2 years

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Most people with an interest in writing feel complacent using free verse and never go beyond it. By the end of this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of poetic forms, be able to implement them in your own works and share your growing style with the world. We’ll be focusing on the history and execution of beginner level forms like the sonnet, haiku, and descort. Each style will be broken down step by step with practice modules afterward to give you a well-rounded comprehension. ... More Less
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You’ll learn 40 Chinese characters and practice forming them into sentences to describe different types of weather.
60 min
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